corporate profile

1 Researches

Sufficient and intensive discussion about the project is conducted to the client’s satisfaction. Collection of technological information, market research and analysis are conducted to comprehend necessary conditions for proposals. The knowledge of design work flow is shared with the client so as to proceed the work in smooth and effective manner.

  • Proposal Summary
  • Report of Research

2 Primary Concept

A design direction and concept are decided by finding problems and a point of emphasis in respective processes of the project such as planning, engineering design, production, distribution, use and recycle, etc.

  • Image Panel
  • Concept Map
  • Styling Study

3 Primary Design

Design ideas are developed according to the concept. Several design ideas are proposed by verifying the integration of technologies and aesthetics through styling.

  • Design Sketches
  • Rough Models

4 Inplementation Design

Details of selected ideas are examined, and their production engineering are studied.

A final design is verified by a mockup and a prototype.

A design drawing and a specification document are produced, and correctly inform the design to the client (an engineer).

  • Renderings
  • Hard Models
  • 2D or 3D Drawings
  • Design Specification

5 Design Supervision

Before the production is initiated, design supervision on materials, fabrication, finish and the like is conducted to check if the design direction is faithfully followed.