corporate philosophy

People’s views on lives, lifestyles and value are aggregated in a form of a product. Industries, technologies and economy form their power through design, and are able to beautifully delineate many scenes of lives. Design has always been creating relationship between humans and things that has liven up our lives and stimulating production by providing aspiration for rich tomorrow in past eras.

Today, faced with many social and environmental issues, our lifestyles and industries have been under the pressure of being restructured. Now sophisticated design capability with consolidated views has been required to develop more sound material culture for humans and society.

GK Industrial Design is serving comprehensive design responding to the needs of the times, based on industrial design which has been the core of its operation since establishment, widely ranging from institutional equipment to consumer products.

While trying to have design firmly taking root in industrial society, and to create systems enlivening the relationship between humans and things, lives and industries, we are aiming to be a frontier of our times as a creative industry derived from the profession of industrial design.

GK Industrial Design Incorporated